Advertising their services to the best of their ability is imperative for any business in order to generate leads and get potential future clients. If generating income is your ultimate goal, then you will have to master the art of marketing and presenting your services to consumers.

As technology has advanced, new ways have arisen through which people can reach customers. One such technique is monetizing websites/creating ads and spreading them across the internet to drive sales via clicks. It may take the help of various ad networks, which provide a combination of the perfect marketing tools and techniques to boost your exposure. Google AdSense is the first option that might come to your mind when thinking of an ad network, but there are various other options too.

Native ads in the digital advertising industry may help publishers fill their ad supply chains with useful content that truly interests consumers, as well as help marketers increase brand recognition – all of this is done without interfering with the user experience. However, native ad networks do not guarantee improved user experience or increased ad money. In reality, most native ads have been chastised for their insignificance and some publishers have removed them completely due to their effect on media credibility.

Today, we will evaluate all these options and find out which agency will help you generate the highest revenue. The general rule of thumb is that you pick out the best service, use the trial period, and analyze the results. Surely, through trial-and-error, you’ll find the right one for you.

What Is An Ad Network? 

An ad network is a business tool that acts as a middleman between a selection of publishers and a selection of advertisers. When online ads first started in the mid-1990s, ad networks were one of the first pieces of advertising technology to emerge. They help the advertisers purchase various ad inventories across various publishers.

Difference Between An Ad Network And An Ad Server

Due to the complex nature of advertising techniques, it is difficult to differentiate between them.

Ad NetworkAd Server
  Advertisers and publishers use it to conduct advertising transactions.Ad networks, retailers, marketers, and ad agents use this technology to administer, run, and monitor their advertising campaigns.
Its alternative is a supply side platform (SSP), which offers similar functions.They are further divided into two categories:   First party servers Third party servers

Types of Ad Networks

  1. Premium Ad Networks – They take up inventory from premium publishers having high listings.
  2. Vertical Ad Network – Specifically tailored for topics such as technology and fashion.
  3. Specialized Ad Networks – Based on customer demands for a specific niche such as mobile and video.
  4. Performance Ad Networks – Uses CPCs (cost per clicks) to generate income.

These networks come loaded with benefits such as:

  1. Scale: An advertiser can buy more inventory from various publishers through an intermediary and centralize the reporting for the campaign.
  2. Saves Time: Advertisers only have to set up the campaign once and they don’t have to sign implantation orders for each publisher individually.
  3. Increased Reach: By applying frequency capping features, reach is significantly increased.

How Does It Work?

  1. Accumulates publishers to provide inventory on an auction basis.
  2. Sets up campaigns on a third party ad server and runs it across the web.
  3. Takes into account the various campaign parameters such as budget, audience, and frequency caps.
  4. After the ad is released, the advertiser can use the ad network’s campaign management platform to rotate several banners on the website without having to rely on the publisher.

Factors To Determine The Significance Of A Network

  1. Quality of the Ads: Several scammers take advantage of networks to divert traffic to bogus content landing pages.
  2. Setup: Few networks require manual setup in order to integrate with your website.
  3. Pricing: You can choose various services, as per your budget.

Confirm if the network has an optimized dashboard or analytics, supports different ad formats, and provides advanced targeting for marketers before adding a new network to your website. Your users are more likely to see relevant advertising if marketers can target them accurately.

Best Ad Networks For You


Sharethrough is the world’s biggest and most advanced native monetization network. Sharethrough is a mobile-first content-driven platform for advertisers to engage consumers with quality content that is natively embedded into each site it resides on. It’s also for publishers to monetize with premium advertising while maintaining a high-quality user experience.

They are the creators and leaders of a new type of exchange that automatically improves every standard impression by displaying a respectful, better-looking, and higher-performing native, banner, or video ad in any location on any platform.

With direct connections to every major DSP, over 12 thousand publisher websites, and over 350 billion monthly views, Sharethrough is one of the world’s largest ad exchanges.

Traffic ThresholdNo minimum limit
Minimum Payment RequiredNo minimum limit
Pricing ModelCPM or vCPM
CPM and RPM RateApproximately $3
Payment TermsNET30
Targeting OptionsGeotagging, sort by demographics, interests and mobile
Ad Formats SupportedIn-feed and in-articles for video and display format


Media.net is an ad network that can fully fill all geographical areas. You might add it to your current ad network stack to boost revenue even further

Publishers can enter Media.net’s ad network for free and use it to monetize their traffic.

Media.net is an outstanding alternative to AdSense and one of the industry’s highest paying ad networks.

Media.net is a contextual promoting network that displays advertisements based on the content of your web pages.

The Yahoo Bing advertiser network is combined with Media.net’s website.

Advertisers pay for advertisements to appear inside the Media.net network, while publishers monetize their traffic by displaying ads from the web.

Traffic ThresholdNo minimum requirement
Minimum Payment Required$100
Pricing ModelCPM, CPA and CPC
CPM and RPM RateUp to $2
Payment OptionsNET30
Targeting OptionsGeo, network, and device type
Ad Formats SupportedIn-article and in-feed


Revcontent is one of the most native ad networks in the online ecosystem, with clients including NBC News, Forbes, CBS, and others in the publishing industry. Revcontent distinguishes itself from other native networks by incorporating a highly sensitive widget, gallery implementations, infinite scroll, and limitless API customization to impact their client’s website traffic significantly.

Traffic Threshold3 million+ page views (monthly)
Minimum Payment Required$50
Pricing ModelvCPM and CPC
CPM and RPM RateAbout $4
Payment OptionsNET30
Targeting OptionsOS, brand, network, topic, location and device
Ad Format SupportedWidget, in-feed and in-article


MGID is a global native advertisement leader that boosts sales for all ecosystem members. Its network, which reaches 850 million unique readers monthly and generates 165 billion recommendations, helps publishers retain viewers, monetize traffic, and drive brand performance and visibility by linking them to distinctive audiences at the appropriate time with the right content.

MGID provides a complete solution for customers, from preparation and strategy to implementation and reporting, and operates in over 60 languages. The business has offices in the United States, Ukraine, Vietnam, Russia, and India and was established in 2008.

Traffic Threshold90k+ monthly visitors
Minimum Payment Required$100
Pricing ModelCPM, revshare and CPC
CPM and RPM RateUp to $3
Payment OptionsNET30
Targeting OptionsGeo, device type, OS type and language-based
Ad Format SupportedVideo and sidebar widgets, header content

Native Ads

Native advertisements appear in the content itself, rather than as a label or box on the top or side of a page.

Traffic Threshold100k monthly page views
Minimum Payment Requirement$50
Pricing ModelCPM and CPC
CPM and RPM Rates$2
Payment OptionsNET60, NET65 and NET90
Targeting OptionsLocation and interest based
Ad Format SupportedIn-stream, content recommendation, sticky footer and in-image


When you’re looking to reach out to a new audience and understand precisely who you’re looking for, Taboola is a fantastic choice. Taboola gives you the option of deciding where your advertised content should appear and where it should not, allowing you to reach an audience from similar websites.

Traffic Threshold1M+ monthly views
Minimum Payment Requirement$100
Pricing ModelCPC
CPM and RPM Rates$2
Payment OptionsNET60
Targeting OptionsAffinity, location and demographical sorting
Ad Format SupportedIn-feed, in-article and widget form

Amazon Publisher Services Adpushup

Amazon Publishing Services (APS) is a service that allows online and app publishers to commercialize and expand their digital businesses. It’s a cloud-based service that combines all of Amazon’s publishing options into one package.

Traffic Threshold5,000 visits per day
Minimum Payment RequirementsNo minimum requirement
Pricing ModelCPM
CPM and RPM Rates$0.10- $1.50
Payment OptionsNET30, NET60 and 65
Targeting OptionsGeo, device type, OS type and language-based
Ad Format SupportedDynamic display banners, pre-roll video on desktop and mobile web, in-app display video units


Adcash is an ad decentralized network on a premium offering that is used by publishers all over the world to monetize their traffic. Users can display advertisements on web and mobile, with formats such as posters, in-video, and native. All users can withdraw funds on a monthly basis through Payoneer, WebMoney, PayPal, Skrill, or wire transfer.

You can see accurate data from all inventory ad networks, allowing for concentrated analysis and project optimization across all of your networks from a single admin panel.

Traffic ThresholdNo minimum requirement
Minimum Payment Requirements$25 or $100 for wire transfer
Pricing ModelCPM, CPL and CPA
CPM and RPM RateUp to $1
Payment OptionsNET30
Targeting Optionsgel, device, OS and interests
Ad Format SupportedNative, slide-in, pop-ups and in-app video


Undertone is a rapidly expanding agency that specializes in video advertising for in-banner and pre-roll placement. The firm specializes in high-impact ad formats as well as IAB standard formats. Undertone advertises at CPM rates that are 100 percent to 1,500 percent higher than standard advertising, but they demand a lot of traffic.

Undertone uses ScreenShift to provide cross-screen solutions for monetizing data traffic with direct digital advertising.

Traffic Threshold500k+ monthly page views
Minimum Payment Requirement
Pricing ModelCPM, CPC, CPA and CPV
Payment OptionsNET60
Targeting OptionsDevice, demographic and interest
Ad Format SupportedVideo based ads, in-app previews


The online network of Outbrain is fantastic because it helps you to be more organic than conventional graphics ads on a variety of websites. You can quickly navigate and use the application. This lets you customize content or where the data will be advertised if you have a more comprehensive targeting feature.

Several of their biggest partners are news and media companies like CNN, US Weekly, WSJ, and The Guardian, but they also collaborate with a wide range of niche websites in athletics, culture, banking, wellness, and tech.

Traffic Threshold10M+ monthly views
Minimum Payment Requirements$100
Pricing ModelCPC and CPM
CPM and RPM Rate$0.37 – $3.00 and $0.37 – $1.12
Payment OptionsNET60 and NET90
Targeting OptionsInterest, topic, OS and geo
Ad Format SupportedIn-feed, in-article and video ads

This list includes options for independent, medium, and large publishers, as well as those in need of basic services.

When it comes to ad networks, there is a lot of variety, which means that any publisher can find the right fit. Publishers must weigh their needs before deciding on an ad network or a combination of ad networks.The right ad network will assist publishers in effectively monetizing their websites. We recommend that they try out a few different solutions before committing to an ad network.


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