Are you looking for surefire methods to increase your income without working too much or getting a side gig?

If this is your situation, then you’re not on this all by yourself.

According to CNN, millions of people are actively searching for opportunities to maximize their profits.

The good news is, since the dawn of the internet, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for opportunities to make money at home or online, there are hundreds of ways to improve your profits.

To help you get started, I’m going to share 18 of the best ways to improve your profits.

If you’re a broken college student who wants some beer money or a stay at home mom who’s searching for a money-making hobby to do during your downtime (if there’s even downtime for you), there’s probably a few extra sources of income for anyone on this site.

But, if you’re curious about how to maximize your income from home, even a little bit, this article would change your life in so many ways. It will reduce your day-to-day pressures, give you peace of mind, and even make you live a bit.

  1. Get a suitable bank account.

This one is at the top of the list because it’s the best way to raise your profits, even though it’s only a few hundred dollars a year.

Chances are, the new interest rate on your savings account would suck (the national average is currently a terrible 0.09 per cent). Transfer your money to a bank account that earns presently you a fair interest rate on your savings.

  1. Participate in surveys

Surveys are one of the best ways to increase your personal income per month. There are plenty of reputable sites out there that pay you to fill out online surveys. Long story short, businesses like to know what people think, so they’re paying polling sites to gather data for them. Survey sites will then pass on the part of their business compensation to you.

  1. List your unused room on Airbnb

It’s something that not nearly enough people are taking advantage of! If you own a house, consider putting a space (or a place) on Airbnb if and when you leave the area. You will pay for much, if not all, of your holiday by renting your house while you’re abroad. It’s a crazy simple way to raise your monthly revenue by letting someone else pay your rent (or mortgage) while you’re out on holiday.

  1. Get cash back whenever you shop online

If you mainly shop online, you may want to miss out on sales if you don’t use Wikibuy. Wikibuy is a browser plugin that lets you know about deals on products in your list. When you search on Amazon, you’ll be able to quickly see if the thing you’re looking at is available somewhere at a lower price.

  1. Make money from blogging by monetizing your website

Okay, maybe this one isn’t that easy. But starting a blog has forever changed my life, which is why I decided to add it to my resume. Through my blogs, I’m able to communicate with people worldwide on subjects that I’m passionate about.

  1. Shed off excess weight

Yeah, you can make savings and raise your profits by losing weight. If you’re either trying to find the strength to lose some extra pounds, or you want to throw up some (literally) stakes, then you can check out HealthyWage. You can enter a team challenge and win up to $10,000, or you can put an individual weight loss bet of your own.

  1. Use Swagbucks

As it turns out, Swagbucks is fantastic for more than just paying surveys. In reality, one of the best ways to make money with Swagbucks is by watching videos on your computer.

  1. Do away with old textbooks

Use an app called BookScouter to check book prices of up to 40 vendors and then pick the best that gives you a good price. Without listing fees, free delivery, and the best price for your book, there is no need to sell elsewhere.

  1. Use investment to generate passive income

Ally Invest has the most user-friendly website for new buyers, and it’s undoubtedly the biggest bang for your buck (opening an account is free and selling as low as $3.95 each; way below the market average). They have a lot of free tools for you to use, too, which is incredible.

  1. Turn your grocery shopping into extra cash

Start by installing the Ibotta app. One of the best money-saving apps out there, particularly for high-quantity shoppers, users can win discounts on nearly any brand of the item you purchase. To get your cashback all you need to do is check the bar code of the things, take a screenshot of your receipt, and the money will be credited to your account within 48 hours. You get $10 to sign up, and they’re going to pay you $5 for any friend you’re talking to.

  1. Design and sell t-shirts

One of the fascinating sources of extra revenue on this site, Teespring.com helps you to design and sell t-shirts without paying up for inventory.

  1. Take a part-time delivery job with Uber eats

There are a lot of vital causes for Uber Eats to deliver. Even if you’ve just got time to do it a couple of hours a week, you might potentially make a few hundred dollars a month out of this most useful side income concept.

  1. You can flips items from a thrift shop and earn some cash

The chances are that you’ve been to the flea market and the auction of estates in your lifetime. And odds are you figured you would be willing to sell one of those things for even more than you paid for it.

  1. Become an influencer

Have you ever heard about influencer marketing? It is a recent development in the marketing world that includes businesses using social media influencers (people with several followers) to advertise their brands.

  1. Offer a service on Fiverr

You can give up on Fiverr from all kinds of stuff, from creating a poster to singing a song for a stranger.

  1. Write blog posts

If you have writing skills, you can pitch websites and blogs with your idea and get paid to do what you love doing.

  1. Get Paid to Tweet

This is also called influencer marketing, where brands will pay you to tweet about their products or services to your colossal following.

  1. Get a raise from your office

You could speak to your boss concerning a salary review after a few months of doing quality work for your company.


If you’re saving up for a memorable holiday or want to put a dent in your mortgage, taking a side event or two can be a simple, relaxing way to improve your income without working any more challenging (or having to take a second job).


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