There’s almost nothing as stressful as getting your credit card bill in January after the holidays have come and gone. (And maybe robbed you blind.) This throws people in an overdrive, looking critically at ways to improve—and increase—their cash flow. Besides seeking a side hustle that could get the bank, there are also structural adjustments that you can make in your current gig to benefit the financial image. If you want 2021 to become your most profitable year, then you should consider these timeless tips from finance experts as they share some insights on how to make money right now.

The first step is to invest in yourself.

It’s quick to get wrapped up in the sequence of deliveries and handling your boss’s demands and the organization that pays you. Have a rethink as and note why you’ve been recruited for the job: it’s because of your skill and your work experience. A rare, unique attribute that makes you a better candidate than anyone else. Now, try to recall the last time you’ve invested in yourself. If it’s been a while now, it’s time to discover the possibilities that make you so much more successful, according to Brent Weiss, CFP, co-founder and chief evangelist at Facet Wealth.

“If you want to bring more cash and build more money in the future, start saving in your college or job now. Start learning the skills you need to advance to the next step within your company, enter a new corporation, or start your own enterprise,” he continues. “Determine what skills you need to build for your role, your profession, or your firm, and invest in it. Your worth will continue to grow and some will invest in you in the form of higher pay or even shares.”

The second step is to make a financial plan.

Although Weiss says that most influential people take special care of attending conferences and improving their knowledge base, very few spend time recognizing and strategizing their financial goals. As Weiss says, this is a lost chance: highly paying bosses, leaders, and executives will forgo thousands (if not millions!) if they don’t set up the best processes to extend their dollar better. “Having a personalized and comprehensive financial plan that includes a tax planning strategy can save you money today while building a foundation for greater wealth tomorrow,” he says.

The third step is to work on your public Speaking Skills.

So, you may not be interested in getting in the spotlight. Or give a talk to Ted. Or to be on tape, in some capacity. That’s all right! But as a boss, you’re a motivational speaker—even if your audience is only a handful of staff who report to you. The more self-aware you are in how you come across people, the brighter your work can shine. And on the other hand, it will undoubtedly help to make a case for moola.

As the co-founder of EnrichHER, Tiara Zolnierz states, conquering the fear of being noticed and heard will overwhelm your career to the next level. “Leave your comfort zone and get used to being on the camera.

Webinars zoom meetings, and remote jobs all changed the way we work and communicate. To make an impact, we want to take action to tighten up your communication skills. “It’s a life change and a money magnet to have the boldness to speak in public so well thereby telling your ideas, story, and connecting with your intended audience persuasively.

The fourth step is to get equity.

This ranges widely between business and the risk temperature, so Weiss says that if you’re a business boss and you don’t have equity, it’s time to start dreaming about how to get it. It may not be a choice, because if it is, ensuring that you have an interest in the company may not offer any capital right now, but it has a chance to pay off big money in the future. “Investment in company equity may not earn you quick cash rewards right away, however, over time, it will help you create greater wealth,” Weiss adds. “Whether your company is privately owned or traded publicly, finding a way to invest in your company will pay dividends over time.”

The Fifth Step is to ask for a raise strategically.

When your assessment rolls around, you’re probably looking for more dollars. But, given the expectations of everyone, Weiss proposes a different approach to the topic. What is that? By calling for a cash flow based on an obvious output goal (that ahem, you know you can meet). “Ask for a boost that is paid in the form of an incentive or even a performance-based stock option will set your request apart. Your employer will most likely agree with the order, since it reflects your commitment to a mission that will be helpful to the company,” he continues.

The Sixth Step is to hunt for startups with great ideas.

If you’re at a stage in your career where you do well financially and feel relaxed, it may be time to take another title: investor. You might not be swimming with sharks right away, but if you believe in an idea or a startup, consider putting your cash to development. As Zolnierz explains, this may not only be profitable, but potentially thrilling! “Investing your knowledge and a small amount of capital in exchange for equity could result in a large amount of money being made over time as well as a new sense of personal fulfilment,” “Consider of businesses like GrubHub, Snapchat, , Boost, Yelp, Airbnb, Netflix, Uber, and a host of other businesses. Just a little lesser than a decade ago before, these top businesses were still at their stage of the proposal.


Please take a second to reflect on what you really want to do before you dive into the world of business. Are you pursuing a new career? Building up a multinational corporation? Or are you hunting for some satisfaction?

Whatever your motif is, pick something you’re excited about so that the fire doesn’t go out.

Begin small with the simplest of concepts. Maybe it’s a blog, perhaps it’s a forum, or perhaps it’s just a funky tie-dye shirt you’re selling on Etsy. Whatever it is, build something that will excite you and make the ball roll.

If you want to make money in the long run, the best thing you can do today is START! You’re going to find out the rest along the way.


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