If you’re there and you’re thinking, “How do I make money from Pinterest?” Then continue with this article, as it discusses several ways to earn money with Pinterest. There are a lot of opportunities to make money for Pinterest. You don’t need a blog or a website to do so.

A Pinterest side hustle is one of the easiest opportunities to make extra money today. Earning extra cash from a side hustle will help you do the following:

  • Invest at a faster pace,
  • Stop living from paycheck to paycheck,
  • Clear off debt,
  • Retire sooner,
  • Travel the world,

List of Way to Make Money on Pinterest

  1. You can opt to sell physical products

One way to make money out of Pinterest is to market the goods. Today, the majority of consumers are shopping for items online from the convenience of their homes. You should use your Pinterest account to promote the products you’re offering.

The Pinterest website has a diverse range of tools and services that can help you quickly find your items online. It would be best if you learned how to make the best of them. E.g., if you have an e-commerce shop, you can use the pins function you can buy.

  1. You can sell digital products

Besides selling physical goods, automated products can also be sold. When you have something that you can virtually market, you can use Pinterest to do that. Digital items that can be sold over the internet, including eBooks, apps, music files, digital photographs and models, and more.

It would be best if you created your eBook and used the platform to advertise your product. You can also develop an online tutorial using the Teachable and Udemy websites and then sell them with Pinterest. Also, Pinterest will help you boost sales revenue and help you build your brand.

  1. Distribute your affiliate links

Today, some corporations are searching for affiliates to market their goods on a limited commission basis if you know businesses that market goods you can promote; you can sign up as an associate.

You can make money from partner services if you add them to your pins. Affiliate links are exclusive links from various websites that have a code that is unique to you.

  1. You Can Promote your Services

You will use this forum as a means to promote your services. If you have the benefits you will sell, you will use the platform for advertising your Pinterest services, increasing your sales. Insert a connection that guides the target consumers to your website or blog, and then sells your services.

Build engaging and high-quality content, seek to get your clients to use your services, connect with your website and even enter your mailing list.

  1. Become a Pinterest Consultant

If you have amassed extensive knowledge of how Pinterest works, you will become a Pinterest expert and profit from it. Various brands are searching for opportunities to sell and promote their goods and services online. You will help them understand how they can use Pinterest to reach out to a broader audience and make the best of it if you’re a Pinterest specialist.

You will help them develop Pinterest marketing campaigns that perform and help them boost their online presence.

  1. You can become an influencer

Another way to make money from Pinterest is to become an influencer. If you have a solid follow-up and good loyalty, you will collaborate with big brands and focus on paid advertising and promotions.

Essentially, you’re helping these marketers get more substantial web traffic coming from your fans. Then you will get these brands to pay you for these facilities.

In this process, your earnings mainly rely on the number of clicks and save you have on your pins because that’s what eventually helps push traffic to the goal website.

  1. be sure to stick with your passion

What do you love to do so much? Do people get to spend money in this area? Also you could earn money out of it. Next, you’re going to have to pick your target demographic. Build a Pinterest account and the boards that cater to the category of people.

For instance, if you’re a coach, you can pick the target demographic of people you want to meet in your generation. Then build pins that will attract this group of people or crowd. Increase your Pinterest board following and help you build a robust mailing list.

  1. Promote a brand and then request sponsorship

If you have good board following, you can target a particular company to promote to enter into a sponsorship deal.

For example, suppose you’re excited about fitness, and you’ve built up an audience of people with common desires. In that case, you might approach a business that offers items that cater to your markets, such as exercise wear, gym machines or sportswear.

You need to share your Pinterest account data with the businesses and give them a discount or ask them for sponsorship.

  1. Practice and Learn New skills

Another way to make money on Pinterest is to test out new talents. Check out the board on how to do something, repair things, and try a new strategy. This can vary from painting, refining hardwood floors to fix faulty electronics, laminating kitchen counters, or even interior design tips.

You can subsequently use Pinterest for promoting and marketing your core services. Your new service offering will serve as a good-paying gig, and also you will be saving lots of dollars if you perform the activities all by yourself rather than hiring an expert.


You will make money from Pinterest if you follow these strategies and are persistent enough. There are a lot of users gravitating to make money on Instagram. Instagram is a very crowded social media site with a sophisticated algorithm.

However, Pinterest is the most tried and tested way of making money from social media. It’s a search engine that honours users who remain involved with their accounts.

The best thing is that if you’re going to be fantastic at Pinterest, you can make money in several ways. Much of the time, you will layer all the different ways to make money on top of each other. That’s why it’s one of my favourite online works for teens to read.


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