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How to Save Money on Toilet Paper: The Ultimate Guide


The Ultimate Guide To Saving Money On Toilet Paper

Fact: Before the invention of toilet paper, people used their left hand to clean themselves. Saving money on toilet paper was no problem back then.

How often do you think about how much money you spend on toilet paper? Probably not very often. The average person spends around $12 per month or $144 per year without thinking too hard about it. But how would that number change if you only used one sheet of toilet paper at a time? What if you cut all the sheets in half before using them? You could save up to 18 rolls of toilet paper each year! And with how expensive it is these days, saving just $72 can make a big difference. That’s why we’re here to tell you how to save money on toilet paper!

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How Much Money Do People Waste On Toilet Paper?

The stats vary, but the average American spends about $144 a year on toilet paper. And that is if they are JUST using the TP for their bungholio. That figure starts to rise drastically when toilet paper is used for other purposes. This is a waste of money, especially when people can learn how to save more money by saving their butt!

Out of all the things that people waste money on, toilet paper is at the top of most lists. There are ways to get around spending so much on something you can make yourself with some water and a blender or saving old newspapers for free!

Toilet Paper Alternatives:

– Old Newspapers – People don’t realize how many issues they have saved up under their bathroom sink which makes this an easy alternative to buying new toilet paper every month. It might feel different but it does remove everything just fine if used properly. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself!

– Cloth – Old t-shirts, towels, and other similar items can be used to better effect than toilet paper. Take them outside or if you want to use them in the bathroom make sure they are washed thoroughly first so you don’t catch anything doing this. They work great for wiping but aren’t as good at removing everything which means it might take more than one wipe with a cloth depending on how much was left behind after your initial pass over the area. This is something that’s easier once you get used to using it though!

– Sponges – It sounds weird but people do use sponges instead of toilet paper all the time across different nations around the world water-saving measures are heavily implemented in households. It’s definitely an option worth considering since they are so readily available in stores and you can use the same sponge for a long time before having to replace it if cared for properly.

– Water – Cleaning yourself with water instead of toilet paper isn’t the easiest thing in the world but it’s definitely possible. The whole point is to use less, not all at once! It works best when you spray a bit on your bum and then try to wipe away anything left behind after that initial spritz. For most people, this will be easier when they get in the shower since you can use water instead of toilet paper while already wet. If this sounds like too much work, it’s definitely something to consider for saving money but not necessarily worth your time if saving money isn’t a priority!

It might sound gross at first but once people try these alternatives they realize how easy and cost-effective each one of them is.

– Bidet – If you have one of these already, this is another good alternative that works well with saving toilet paper usage in your bathroom. Otherwise, this isn’t really something people buy on their own but seeing how often they are used in other countries means that there’s no reason not to consider it when looking at saving money!

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How To Save Money on Toilet Paper:

Here are some useful tips on how to save money on toilet paper.

– Use less! If you can cut down your usual usage from 12 squares to six or even four then that’s saving money every time you take a dump and it will add up fast over the course of a year. This might seem like an obvious tip but people often forget how much they really need to use when it comes time for cleaning themselves.

– Save your newspapers instead of throwing them away! Make sure you read through each one first though so that there aren’t any words or pictures which might offend your eyes later on since saving money is always a good idea but not if it’s going to make someone mad.

– Use bidets! Bidets are actually very often overlooked as a source of saving money. They are very common in the middle east but people living there have gotten used to saving money that way. It can be a little strange at first if you aren’t familiar with using one, but once your get used it’s actually pretty nice!

– Bidet Spray – If you don’t want to invest in an entirely new item like this for saving money on toilet paper (or maybe even just saving space) consider getting yourself a bidet spray instead. These work by attaching right onto your existing toilet and provide everything that makes up a bidet without needing any additional installation or hardwiring into your home which is perfect if you’re not ready to commit fully yet! Just make sure to clean it out regularly bacteria doesn’t build up over time and you can prevent any nasty infections like that.

– Buy Bulk! Expensive toilet paper is for the dogs! Consider getting a Costco membership, and while cruising around the toilet paper aisle, one brand to look out for is Kirkland brand! This is some seriously cheap toilet paper! There is no such thing as too much toilet paper! It’s so soft and nice compared to cheap generic brands! There ain’t no cheaper brand! If you are into frugal living, this is the way to wipe! Forget that expensive brand stuff! Where are you buying toilet paper from? Forget that place! For the best deal, head to Costco! You’ll have so much toilet paper you’ll be prepared for any pandemic!

– Toilet paper coupons! For even more savings on toilet paper, make sure you collect all of the coupons that come in your mail! You should also add any stores like CVS and Rite Aid to your phone’s wallet (if they’re near each other) because these are always offering great deals for saving money.

– Dollar Store Dung Tickets! Dollar stores often have cheap toilet paper, it’s probably one-ply tissue and scratchy, but when companies coming, it fits the bill. If you have a family member coming to stay, or family members coming to party, and you are being economically minded and thinking about how to save money on toilet paper, the dollar store is the answer!

How Much Toilet Paper Are We Wasting?

There are some things people do with their toilet paper besides giving themselves a gentle wipe down after using the bathroom which causes wasteful usage.

– Baby Wipes – Some parents are using toilet paper as baby wipes. While this is perfectly fine, (and probably cheaper) for their tender bottoms, using toilet paper for other purposes that baby wipes often get used for can be wasteful. Why not invest in some washcloths? They may be a larger investment initially but will save a lot of money in the long run if you are using toilet paper for cleaning anything other than baby’s bottoms.

– Cleaning – Some people use their toilet paper to clean up messes around the house. Paper towel is much more effective at cleaning and requires far less toilet paper to use which can save money in the long run. Another alternative is saving used dryer sheets for wiping down surfaces instead of using toilet paper. If you’re looking to be more efficient with saving money this will do it quickly!

– Shaving – Toilet paper is not good to use for shaving your legs or other parts of the body since it can cause rashes, breakouts, and other skin issues. Instead use a washcloth if you need to clean up shaving messes, or even saving the used dryer sheets for this purpose instead!

– Washcloths – If you are using toilet paper as a washcloth, it’s costing you! Instead, use cloth napkins or other similar items to be able to cut back on the cost of using toilet paper. This allows you plenty of options for saving money while still being clean!

– Dusting – Don’t use toilet paper to dust! It can leave lint behind which is a pain in the ass to clean up and ends up getting stuck on furniture. Instead, use old newspapers or rags that you already have around the house for saving money on toilet paper!

– Halloween Decorations – If you are saving toilet paper rolls to use for Halloween decorations, reconsider! These will be in the way when it’s time to clean up and is certainly a waste of money.

– Wrapping Gifts – If you’re saving toilet paper to wrap gifts with (and not using wrapping paper) then it’s time to reconsider how much money you really want to spend on saving. There are plenty of other ways you can wrap gifts without using toilet paper rolls, so try to determine what’s really important before deciding to reach to wrap.

– Burning – If you need kindling for your fires or bonfires, don’t burn toilet paper! Instead, save the inner rolls and use them instead!

Using toilet paper for other purposes is wasteful and costs money.

While saving money on toilet paper may not seem like much initially it can add up fast over time and will definitely help those looking to save as much as possible at home.

How to Save Money on Toilet Paper

How Do You Use Toilet Paper Efficiently?

This is a question many people ask themselves, and it’s not an easy one to answer. There are several ways in which you can use toilet paper more efficiently:

  1. Wipe from front to back.
  2. Use less TP. Use one square per wipe instead of two or three, especially if you are using colored toilet paper (it’s made up of different material than regular TP). There is no need to wipe more than once during a visit; the first time has usually gotten everything off already. If not, use less next time.
  3. Never wad your toilet paper up all willy-nilly! It wastes a lot of paper and can result in misshapen balls of toilet paper that are difficult to flush. It can also result in the dreaded dangle berry!
  4. Use a bidet, for Pete’s sake! They aren’t just for Europeans anymore; they come in all shapes and sizes now. The water pressure is adjustable so you don’t have an unpleasant experience. They are also very good for people with skin sensitivities, and can help you save a lot of money on toilet paper.
  5. For those who have trouble reaching their nether regions to wipe them clean, consider getting a step-stool so they don’t need to bend down as far or even stand up from the seated position. You can also get a handheld bidet sprayer that attaches to the water supply in your bathroom. It’s a great way to clean yourself without having to leave the comfort of your seat!
  6. If you don’t have room for a step-stool or standing up from sitting is more difficult than reaching, consider getting an elongated toilet seat. It’s a great way to make your bathroom experience more comfortable for yourself and it can be installed right on top of the regular toilet seat, so you don’t need to purchase an entirely new unit!
  7. Try buying larger rolls with larger sheets and using half a sheet!

There are several ways in which you can use less TP without compromising hygiene or comfort.

Can You Use Paper Towels Instead?

Stop! Don’t clean that spill with toilet paper! Use a rag or paper towels instead! Paper towel is much more absorbent and durable and made for cleaning, whereas toiler paper was made to break apart. That being said, don’t flush paper towels down the toilet! It does not break apart the same way that toilet paper is meant to and can easily clog drains and make a mess of your septic system.

Paper towels, if not heavily soiled or ruined, can be washed and reused.

What else are you using toilet paper for that paper towel might better be used for to save money? Wiping off makeup? Cleaning a child’s (or man-child’s) bathroom mess?

How To Hang – Which Way Saves Toilet Paper?

The age-old question. How to hang the toilet paper roll? But, can the difference actually save you money? Let’s talk about how.

– First of all, toilet paper rolls are designed to be hung a certain way in order for the roll to dispense properly and efficiently. The perforated strip where you pull off the sheets should always face away from the wall when on a holder with an arm that swivels out towards you (to the left). When the perforated strip faces away from the wall, it allows you to pull off less toilet paper with each swipe. This may not seem like a big deal but if you are constantly having to refill your rolls due to how fast they go through them, again this is where saving money comes into play.

– Secondly, how you hang the toilet paper also determines how often your bathroom becomes dirty. When on a standard arm holder, if it is not facing away from the wall, what happens when people pull off sheets of toilet paper? The roll spins and whatever was stuck to that sheet gets flung all over the place! And most times this means everywhere but inside the toilet. How often do people clean where the paper hangs?

– So which way saves money and why does it matter how to hang the toilet paper roll anyway? Well, I hope this has given you some insight into how much money can be saved by how you hang the roll. And how it is more hygienic as well!

Which Way Should An Open Toilet Paper Holder Face?

Does the way an open toilet paper holder faces affect how much toilet paper you rip off? The answer is yes, it does!

The right way to face an open toilet paper holder is with the opening facing outwards, not inwards. The reason for this is that you will use less tissue if it gets unrolled by pulling forward instead of backward. This saves money and prevents frustration! If your roll sits sideways or upside-down how much TP do you think would be used? I bet a lot.

If an open toilet paper holder faces the wrong direction how much tissue will end up on the floor or in your hand? You might as well save money and buy single-ply. Don’t be cheap when it comes to TP! That is like using toilet water instead of drinking water… how can you live like that? I bet not very well.

So how can you be sure to save money and avoid frustration when using your open toilet paper holder? Make sure the opening is facing outwards, NOT inwards!

What Height Should Your Toilet Paper Holder Be?

Today there are more options than ever before when it comes to toilet paper holders. There is a huge selection of materials and colors as well as designs. All of this is wonderful. But how high should your holder be to help save money on toilet paper?

So how high should a toilet paper holder be? It depends on what you are using it for! What height saves money and prevents frustration when wiping with TP? We will answer that in this article.

– If your standard open-ended toilet paper roll holder is hung on the wall, it should face away from you with the opening at eye level. This will save money because you are not over-using toilet paper! Also, your bathroom stays cleaner longer when less ends up on the floor or stuck to that sheet of tissue.

– If an open-ended toilet paper holder hangs sideways, put it at the same height as your toilet seat. This will save money because you are not over-using toilet paper!

– If an open-ended holder with a revolving arm is hung, it should be close to the ground so that when it spins around to unwrap more tissue you have easy access. Also, try putting it near the front of the toilet rather than in a corner. This will save money by not having to refill as often!

– If you are hanging an arm holder with perforated tissue at eye level, it should be close to your face when sitting on the toilet seat. This saves money because less toilet paper is used since it can easily be grabbed without stretching.

– If you are hanging a toilet paper holder that is perforated at the bottom, it should be raised up to save money by not having to stretch down as far. This also helps prevent frustration when trying to use too much tissue!

How to Save Money on Toilet Paper

In Conclusion

We’ve talked about all sorts of things in this blog post, so let’s round it out with the most important thing you need to know—saving money on toilet paper. One way to do that is by not using any at all! There are many ways to wipe other than toilet paper, and we hope our tips help you save a few bucks while living your life free from wiping worries. But if you can’t live without TP or want some other options for saving money when buying what’s been deemed America’s favorite bathroom necessity, Costco has got you covered. Membership only costs $55 per year (or less depending on how often one shops there), but offers savings up to 40% off everything they carry- including- toilet paper! Plus, you save more by buying in bulk. Imagine not having to go into a bathroom stall with that dreaded blank piece of tissue staring back at you– just grab some TP from Costco and wipe your worries away!

That’s all for today. Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest page


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