At some point, you would need to make some quick cash. Knowing this, we thought, it’d be nice to put together this post which outlines 87 ways to make $100 fast. From this comprehensive list, it is expected that you find something that would resonate with you anytime you need extra cash.

1.   Organize a garage sale: you can average up to $120 per garage sale, this means you can earn some good money from home without even have to leave your home.

2.   Sell Stuff on craigslist: The items you won’t be able to sell in your garage can be sold on craigslist. Craigslist comes in handy, especially when you have large items for sale.

3.   Sell Stuff on eBay: If you have unique, items you want to sell, eBay is an excellent platform to sell small, high-value Stuff.

4.   Sell people’s item on eBay or Craigslist.

5.   Start a consignment shop: there is a lot of stuff you can sell on consignment; however, some of the best items to sell are furniture and clothing.

6.   Sell on Amazon: Just like eBay and Craigslist, you can sell items on Amazon, but entertainment media like movies, music and books tends to work best.

7.   Sell on Half.com: This is another listing site like Amazon, eBay and Craigslist, open an account and make your sale there.

8.   Sell unused gift cards: You could have new gift cards lying around the house; all you have to do is trade them for cash. Although you might not get the full value, it better than leaving them around unused.

9.   Sell used Mac, iPad or mobile phones: your old electronics are worth some money, why not trade them for an extra 100 bucks. You can check sites like Gazelle to get an estimate of your phone.

10.   Swap meets and Flea markets: This is just like your garage sales we highlighted in the beginning. But this time you take your items to where you can find potential customers.

11.   Collect and sell Metal Scrap: This is so easy, especially when you have a pickup truck to help you move around. Regardless, you can still pick up meals from neighbourhood and junkyards to sell.

12.   Sell your items to a pawn shop near you.

13.   Sell your gold jewellery and silverware: you can take your gold jewellery to gold dealers and trade it for cash.

14.   Sell your Musical instruments: There’s a market out there for your used musical instrument. Instead of letting it stay unused, sell them.

15.   Sell homemade crafts: If you’re gifted in making beautiful handicrafts, you can sell them on Etsy.

16.   You can resell your moving boxes; a box can go for $200.

17.   You can return old gifs or purchases: if you’re the type that receives gifts daily, you could return them for cash.

18.   You can babysit in your spare time to receive a minimum of $10 an hour.

19.   You can also become a house sitter for someone who is always travelling.

20.   You can work as a photographer for any event in your neighbourhood and get paid $100 per event.

21.   If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you can teach a class.

22.   Write a product review for blogs.

23.   Work as a bartender on a part-time basis.

24.   You can join a focused group and get paid for it.

25.   You can become a session musician if you can play musical instruments.

26.   Become a moving billboard, and you may have it on your car or your truck.

27.   You can move furniture and get paid for it.

28.   If you love cleaning lawns, you can mow lawns and get paid for it.

29.   Paint new homes and get paid, however, you must have a knack for painting.

30.   Shovel snows for neighbours and pocket $50 per barrow

31.   Clean houses for cash

32.   You can become a car washer and get paid

33.   clean your neighbours gutter and get paid

34.   Get pools ready for the summer

35.   Help people set up decorations for the holidays

36.   You can become a mystery shopper

37.   You can clean the carpet for people and make money

38.   offer to drive people to work and get paid

39.   Help a lawyer serve on a mock jury a get paid for it

40.   You can host walking tours

41.   You can participate in an employee referral program if your employer has one

42.   Participate in a customer referral program

43.   You can be a pet sitter and get paid for sitting pets

44.   You can become a referral source for a sales company or person

45.   You can sell your lovely photos on shutter stock or unsplash

46.   If you have a laptop, you can participate in several survey programs

47.   Participate in marketing research for companies

48.   You can gigwalk, and this involves running small errands for people in your neighbourhood.

49.   Visit Taskrabbit and get signed up to receive small tasks and get paid for it

50.   Sign up on pleasebringme to do small jobs related to your home country

51.   Create an account on bidonmygig and perform a small task where you can get paid.

1.   52.Perform cleaning services on EXEC cleaning service

52.   Sign up on mobile works and get tasks done

53.   Get an account on PinDone and perform small errands

54.   Sign up on WegoLook to get side gigs as an inspector

55.   Signup on postmates and deliver mails for people

56.   Create an account with Fiverr and offer any kind for service for $5

57.   Become an agent for agentanything to run errands for people

58.   sign up for user testing and get paid to test websites

59.   Get an account on zaarly, and it works just like gigwalk

60.   Get an account on MiNeeds to compete for jobs

61.   You can rent out your room

62.   You can rent out space in your garage

63.   you can rent out your driveway and get paid

64.   You can offer to tutor a junior student

65.   You can contribute to teaching English

66.   If you’re good with music, you can offer to teach music

67.   Become a referee for people playing any sports game

68.   If you are good with computers, you can teach programming

69.   offer to help people set up their new computers

70.   Write a blog post for bloggers

71.   If you have bookkeeping skills, you can trade it for money

72.   There are people with zero skills in organizing their office. You can offer your skills

73.   Light Mechanic work involves you doing small mechanic work

74.   You can help process medical claims

75.   If you’re a good editor, you can make lots of money

76.   You can offer to set up websites for people

77.   Help people get their tax records organized

78.   show your graphic design skills if you’re good with graphics

79.   Become a social media manager for brands

80.   You can help people stage their houses for sale

81.   you can become an event planner and make money

82.   You can become an affiliate marketer

83.   You can create and edit videos

84.   Get involved in buying and selling where you can buy low to sell for a higher price

85.   You can prepare research papers if you are good with research

86.   You can sell your blood for as high as $50 per pint.

87.   Take a part job at a fast-food restaurant.


There you have it 87 cool quick ways to make a $100 fast. You might discover that you can do one or more the methods listed above. All you have to do is select the ones that resonate with you and repeat them to make even more cash.


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